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Video Walk-Throughs: Videos Let You Control The Story

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words . . . How About Video? The most basic elements of a real estate transaction haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Person A has a property to sell, Person B wants to live in that area; they agree on a price and transfer ownership. But technology has changed […]

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Tips For Selling A Fixer Upper

Selling a fixer-upper is not a lost cause; it is possible and there are tips and tricks to making a good deal on your property! In this article we will share with you how to market and sell your fixer-upper to the best of your listing agent’s and your home’s ability! As a realtor, it […]

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Should Your Seller Have a Pre-Listing Inspection Done?

Pre-listing home inspections are not required when listing a home, but they can help to keep any surprises from coming up during the listing process. No matter how long your seller has lived in their home, there could always be an underlying issue hiding within the walls and a pre-listing inspection can help identify them—or […]

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Negotiation Tips For Investors Following The Home Inspection

So, you’ve placed an offer on a property and it’s been accepted, that’s great! But any good investor knows that that’s not the end of buying a home. Being able to negotiate the results of your property’s home inspection is the next hurdle you face. Negotiating the results of the inspection are very important as […]

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Building Relationships: Realtors and Home Inspectors

Here at AcuSystem Inspections, the relationship between our realtors and home inspectors is very important to us! There is research that proves a positive relationship between an inspector and a realtor allows for more homes to be sold through realtors. This info comes from the National Association of Realtors from their experience and numbers in […]

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