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Tips For Buying A Tampa Home In 2022

As the cost of rent continues to rise in the Tampa Bay area and throughout all of Florida, buying a home becomes more than just a dream for many but the ideal way of gaining affordable housing. As you plan to become buyer-ready, here are 4 tips for buying a home in or around Tampa. […]

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Tampa Home Inspector Talks Pest Inspections

A pest inspection is not part of a typical home inspection. Granted, a home inspector will note in their report if they discover any indication of pests during a home inspection; however, not all pests may leave obvious signs of their presence. Home insurance typically excludes pest-related issues, and the cost of pest control can […]

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Home Inspector Notes That Might Not Be Actually Dealbreakers

POV: You are in love with this house and have put in an offer on it that has been accepted. You’ve just completed the home inspection and walked through each room with your Tampa AcuSystem home inspector as they pointed out things you didn’t notice before. Then, they provide you with their detailed home inspection […]

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Do I Need Other Inspections If I’m Buying A House?

When buying a new home, most homebuyers are aware they should have a Home Inspection done or are advised of having one done during the buying process. However, there are other types of inspections that are more in-depth for certain aspects of a home—like inspections to check for pests or mold—or are for specific purposes, […]

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5 Questions To Ask Your Tampa Home Inspector

What Does a Florida Home Inspection Entail? A standard home inspection is a “visual examination of the readily accessible systems and components of a home”. The inspections are non-intrusive and rely mainly on the eye of the home inspector with what they see/ don’t see. A home inspector will never move around furniture or the […]

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